History of Gambling in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a long history of sports betting development. Gambling has been popular among people since ancient times, so any expert in this field, well-versed in sports and bookmakers, is familiar with the history of sports betting. Betting in Bangladesh has gained popularity over time.

The precursor to bookmaking was the totalizator, where bets from different players on the same event were pooled together, and the total amount, minus a certain percentage for the organizer, was distributed among those who correctly predicted the outcome. Unlike bookmaking, totalizators did not require any forecasts from the organizers. Traditionally, racecourses have been the venues for sports betting over the centuries. They have been known since the time of the Roman Empire. Cockfighting was later added to the racecourse as entertainment for the common people. However, it was only in the 19th century that various sports became the subject of bets.

Soon, it became evident that bets could be placed on anything that runs, jumps, rides, or flies, as long as the sport had a sufficient number of fans. The bookmaking profession emerged as an alternative to totalizators. Unlike totalizators, bookmaking did not require a complex organization for collecting bets in a unified pool, making it relatively easy to establish even during periods when totalizators were prohibited and such activities were persecuted. This happened in the United Kingdom, which still ranks first in the world in terms of the number of bookmaking companies and the number of players in bookmaking.


Sports in Bangladesh are not only entertainment but also part of the culture. Cricket is the most popular sport (top 7 countries in the world). The main cricket leagues in Bangladesh are:

  • Bangladesh Premier League;
  • National Cricket League.

In the context of the betting market, IPL, PSL, BPL, Big Bash, and other cricket matches are the most-watched. Traditional sports such as swimming, ha-du-du, boli khela, and lati kela are most popular in rural areas. Volleyball, hockey, handball, golf, and badminton are popular among urban residents. The main football leagues are:

  • Bangladesh Championship League;
  • Bangladesh Premier League;
  • Federation Cup;
  • Super Cup Bangladesh.


Bangladesh is a Muslim country, which means that gambling is prohibited. The only exceptions are betting on horse racing and a few strictly regulated lotteries. There are no land-based casinos here. The government tries to regulate and prohibit online casinos, but modern services allow players to easily connect to websites. The number of players from Bangladesh is constantly growing, along with the increase in the number of unlicensed casinos.

In Bangladesh, players greatly appreciate promotions, bonuses, cashbacks, and free spins. Moreover, Bangladeshis believe in the power of chance and lucky coincidences. They are attracted to casinos for:

  • Exciting and diverse gaming libraries;
  • Intriguing video slots and poker;
  • A wide variety of table games, including baccarat, roulette, scratch cards, blackjack, and more.

How to Make Sports Bets Correctly?

Betting in Bangladesh is not only a form of entertainment but also a potential source of income. Of course, no one can guarantee that you will make a profit and not lose all your money because sports betting always involves risks. However, there are several tips that can help you maximize your returns from your bets (or at least minimize your losses).

Treat it as entertainment

Since betting in Bangladesh is entertainment, be prepared for both winning and losing. While it is possible to earn money through betting, it requires a good knowledge of sports and the ability to make accurate predictions. In case of a significant loss, don’t get depressed. Treat it as an outing to a bar. Entertainment often comes with a cost.

Determine your bankroll

If you are not ready to lose large sums and your goal is to earn money in the long run, your betting bankroll should not exceed 10% of your total account balance. If you are still a beginner and not ready to invest large sums of money, you can start with a deposit amount that does not exceed the money you spend on your entertainment.

Choose your sports

Place bets only on the sports you know best. Avoid betting on sports you have no knowledge about. Take the time to learn the rules of the game and study the teams. Place bets on teams you have extensive knowledge about their strengths.

Read expert analysis

Sports forecasts and analyses by experts are widely available. If you feel insufficiently informed about a particular sport, find a few experts you trust and read their analysis. This will help you quickly understand the sport and make more accurate predictions.

There are specialists who provide their own sports predictions. You can simply copy their bets, but it is not the best approach. Such specialists may not be sufficiently competent, leading to significant financial losses. It is better to understand everything independently.