Legalization and regulation of betting in Bangladesh: current status

For online betting operators, it is one of the most promising sectors in the gambling industry. The global market reached $85 billion in 2019, and despite the crisis, it is still full of opportunities for development and growth. The main challenge for providers worldwide is compliance with the standards and rules adopted in different countries. How can one understand which markets are worth the time and money despite the risks, and which are not?

Global legislations are full of nuances and intricacies. Different countries have different definitions of “gambling” and “betting,” varying levels of tolerance towards operators offering services not mentioned in laws, and different policies for licensing and taxation. Today, we will explore all these issues from the perspective of ordinary players who want to enjoy betting and comply with all legislative requirements.

Are gambling games legal in Bangladesh?

It is known that in 2016, two lawyers from the Supreme Court filed a petition demanding the cessation of gambling in 13 clubs in the country. The petition states that any form of gambling is illegal. However, these clubs engage in organizing gambling activities for their visitors and even display relevant information on their websites.

In September 2019, the government began enforcing strict measures against illegal gambling establishments and gambling across the country. Over the next two months, law enforcement conducted approximately 50 raids, leading to the arrest of 300 individuals for their alleged involvement in illegal activities.

Despite this, there is currently a debate on the establishment of legal casinos in an attempt to capitalize on the tourism market. The government has decided to open legal casinos in the southeastern and southwestern regions. Previously, Nepal and Sri Lanka also restricted access to casinos only to their foreign guests.

The Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Mohibul Haque, stated that the casinos would become exclusive zones for foreign tourists. Haque made this announcement during the World Tourism Day event on Tuesday. “The government plans to open casinos in exclusive tourist zones in Cox’s Bazar in the southeast and Khulna, Bagerhat, and Satkhira in the southwest, near the Sundarbans. Only foreigners will have access to the casinos. They will need to show their passports to enter,” he said.

Online casinos, which are originally licensed, such as those based in Curaçao, remain entirely legal in Bangladesh.

How to choose a good bookmaker?

Choosing a reliable bookmaker is not difficult if you follow a set of simple rules that will protect you from falling into the hands of scammers. Placing bets in Bangladesh is relatively safe today.


Always check if the bookmaker has a valid license. A bookmaker with a license from a strict regulator will never deceive its clients, as obtaining a license requires compliance with a set of strict rules. As a rule, bookmakers in Bangladesh have licenses to operate abroad. Don’t let this fact worry you because the jurisdiction of such licenses may cover dozens of countries.

Most importantly, check the presence of a license not only on the online sports betting website but also on the website of the regulator itself. This information can be easily found online.

Rating and Reviews

If you confirm that the bookmaker has a license, then check customer reviews about the bookmakers in Bangladesh. Do not choose a bookmaker with a rating below 75%. At the moment, online betting in Bangladesh is quite developed, so you can find dozens of websites with high ratings.

Carefully study the reviews and pay attention to the shortcomings of the website. Each bookmaker has its own flaws, so you need to decide if you are willing to accept these shortcomings.


It is a great time to start online sports betting. Betting in Bangladesh is at its peak of popularity, and therefore, all bookmakers are trying to attract players with bonus offers. Bonuses can amount to tens of thousands of takas. However, don’t focus solely on the numbers.

Almost every serious bonus needs to be wagered. The wagering requirements to receive the bonus can vary. In such cases, it is better to choose a bookmaker with a smaller first deposit bonus but with clearer and more achievable bonus conditions.

Pay attention not only to the first deposit bonus but also to other bonus offers. If you plan to play with a particular bookmaker for an extended period, you can take advantage of offers such as cashback and cashout.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

The next important factor is the number of payment systems supported by the bookmaker in Bangladesh. The more payment systems a bookmaker supports, the more reliable it is.

Check if the betting site allows you to play with Bangladeshi takas. If this option is not available, it is better to choose another site as you will incur currency exchange fees. The absence of Bangladeshi takas also indicates that the bookmaker is not oriented towards serving customers from Bangladesh. This can lead to longer deposit times, higher transaction fees, and so on.

It is advisable to avoid depositing and withdrawing funds via bank transfer. Since betting is prohibited by law in Bangladesh, it can lead to unnecessary problems and difficulties. Customers are better off choosing international payment systems and cryptocurrencies if such options are available.

Customer Support

Good bookmakers have round-the-clock customer support. The primary language of communication is usually English. If you don’t know English, you can use a mobile translator or any other convenient method.

You can typically reach the support team through live chat and email. Sometimes you can contact them via messaging apps or simply call their mobile number. The customer support assists users in case of any issues with the bookmaker’s website in Bangladesh.

The second reason to contact customer support is not website malfunctions but difficulties in navigating it. If you are confused and don’t understand how to register on the site, activate a bonus, make a deposit, or withdraw your winnings, you can always seek assistance and clarification from customer support.