Responsible Gambling and Gaming Addiction: Information and Resources for Players 

Players dream of big wins by online betting or enjoying casino amusements. But, it is critical to remember that winning is not guaranteed, and even the most experienced punters lose almost half of the time. If you are an inexperienced gamer, then the risks that you will lose increase. But there is also a more serious risk related with the development of gaming addiction and the severe consequences that it entails. 

On this page we will tell our readers from Bangladesh what Responsible Gaming is, how to learn about the growth of gaming dependence, and how to deal with it. 

What You Should Know About Responsible Gambling 

Responsible gambling is a set of rules that are observed and promoted by legal Internet bookies and casinos. They honestly inform their clients about the risks associated with uncontrolled spending. Such firms can also offer you to use handy features to restrict access to their paid services if you have developed a dependence. In difficult cases, the operators’ employees recommend players to contact organizations that assist problem punters. 

One of the main directions of Responsible Gambling is the non-admission of minors to staking and casino services. To do this, bookies and casinos display on the website the minimum age at which you have the right to register. If a player tries to deceive the site’s staff and indicate a fake age, it will not help him or her. After the mandatory identity verification procedure, all underage users are blocked. 

The risks associated with non-compliance with the rules of Responsible Gaming should not be underestimated. We will tell you more about this below. 

Risks Related to Dependence

The development of gambling addiction can lead to disastrous consequences. At its core, it resembles drug or alcohol intoxication, with the same irresistible craving to get access to what brings joy again and again. Here are the consequences that a punter who does not try to take measures to prevent the development of addiction may face: 

  • Problems in family relationships;
  • Deterioration of work and study results;
  • Inability to pay taxes;
  • Spending money on betting and games that you needed for other purposes;
  • The development of depression and the appearance of thoughts of suicide;
  • The appearance of debts in order to finance betting pastime;
  • Thefts for the same purpose. 

There are pages dedicated to Responsible Gambling on the websites of Internet bookies and casinos. There punters from Bangladesh can find a list of questions that allow them to understand whether they are developing a gaming dependence. If you answer positively to several such questions, you need to urgently take measures related to your desire to make stakes and enjoy gambling amusements. 

Responsible Gambling Tools 

We have already mentioned above that legal Internet bookies and casinos offer Responsible Gaming tools to their clients from Bangladesh. Info about them is presented on a separate page of the site, in addition, for clarification and help, you can reach support agents. These features include the following: 

  • Setting limits. You can limit the amount of replenishment of the balance for a certain period, the amount of the bet, the amount of spending, the limit on staying on the site (you will be automatically logged out by the system when this limit is exceeded);
  • Access restriction. You can request the support service to restrict your access to certain services of the site (say, Promotions or Sportsbook);
  • Account blocking. Upon your request, access to the private cabinet will be blocked for the period agreed with you;
  • Ban on deposit. You can ask to block your access to incoming transactions;
  • A reminder of reality. If you have been on the site for a long time, you will receive a message about it. 

In severe cases, punters may ask the staff of an online bookie/casino to remove their member area. The account will be deleted, but is available for recovery for a certain time. 

Platforms and Institutions for Getting Help 

Legal Internet bookies and gambling operators are well aware of the importance of helping problem punters. However, their capabilities are quite limited. Additionally to providing their clients with a set of responsible gambling tools, they can tell them about institutions that provide professional assistance to players who have developed an addiction.  

  • If you are a parent who suspects or knows that their child has a gaming dependence, then you can utilize various technological solutions. Visit these resources to get more information: CyberPatrol, GamBlock, Solid Oak Software, And Net Nanny.  
  •  If you are an adult whose life has gone downhill because of staking and gambling addictions, then look for help in such well-known institutions  as GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous, Gambling Therapy and others.  

Handy Tips for Playing Responsibly 

If you want to get only positive emotions from staking and casino pastime, then you can avoid the growth of gambling dependence. Take advantage of our free prompts: 

  • Limit your budget. Form a bankroll for staking/gambling, and in no case exceed this limit;
  • Make low stakes. This will help you avoid quickly wasting your budget and the temptation to utilize the money you need for other purposes;
  • Consider the time. The longer you stay on a betting/gambling site, the more money you can lose. The accumulation of fatigue can also lead to such consequences;
  • Be calm. Emotions when making stakes or enjoying gambling amusements will not lead to anything good. Keep calm and be attentive, this will help you make informed decisions;
  • Don’t raise the stakes. Frequent losses can cause a desire to raise the stakes in order to recoup as soon as possible. This is a bad decision. If you are unlucky, it is better to end your gaming session and return to the site another day;
  • A clear mind is your ally. Do not take alcohol and drugs when you want to make stakes. A clouded state entails a loss of concentration and a decrease in the threshold of risk awareness. We also do not recommend betting and gambling activities if you are depressed. 

As you can see, these are easy-to-use tips, but the benefits of them can be invaluable.